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Randomized controlled trial  3 times
Condom  3 times
Disease  2 times
Birth control  2 times
Thymine  1 time
Telomere  1 time
Syndrome  1 time
Self-efficacy  1 time
Polish language  1 time
Nuclear membrane  1 time
Mixed model  1 time
Logistic regression  1 time
Latino (demonym)  1 time
Infarction  1 time
Hypoglycemia  1 time
Genetic linkage  1 time
Genetic disorder  1 time
Genetic code  1 time
Gene  1 time
Florida  1 time
Difference in differences  1 time
Diabetes mellitus  1 time
Deep learning  1 time
Cytosine  1 time
California  1 time
Atherosclerosis  1 time
Abortion  1 time

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