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Thermoelectric effect  3 times
Wavelet  1 time
Waste heat  1 time
Ultimate tensile strength  1 time
Transmission electron microscopy  1 time
Thermodynamic equilibrium  1 time
Syngas  1 time
Synchronization  1 time
Simulink  1 time
Semiconductor  1 time
Pyrolysis  1 time
Propene  1 time
Pareto efficiency  1 time
Oxygen  1 time
Natural gas  1 time
Municipal solid waste  1 time
Monomer  1 time
Mathematical optimization  1 time
MATLAB  1 time
Logic gate  1 time
Heat exchanger  1 time
Hardness  1 time
Greenhouse gas  1 time
Germanium  1 time
Gasification  1 time
Gas turbine  1 time
Finite element method  1 time
Dependent and independent variables  1 time
Computational fluid dynamics  1 time
Cauchy distribution  1 time
Carl Friedrich Gauss  1 time
Carbon black  1 time
Carabiner  1 time
Algorithm  1 time

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