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Ion  5 times
Luminescence  4 times
Orthorhombic crystal system  2 times
Laser  2 times
Fluorescence  2 times
Electrospinning  2 times
X-ray crystallography  1 time
Vivid (band)  1 time
Valence and conduction bands  1 time
Ultraviolet  1 time
The Samples  1 time
Tetragonal crystal system  1 time
Space group  1 time
Scanning electron microscope  1 time
Quantum tunnelling  1 time
Quantum computing  1 time
Quantum  1 time
Photoluminescence  1 time
Paramagnetism  1 time
Optical fiber  1 time
Noble metal  1 time
Magnetic field  1 time
Light-emitting diode  1 time
Ionization  1 time
International Commission on Illumination  1 time
Hydrothermal circulation  1 time
Exponential decay  1 time
Emission spectrum  1 time
Diode  1 time
Diffraction  1 time
Crystalline silicon  1 time
Correlation and dependence  1 time

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