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Fatty acid  2 times
Sodium  1 time
Sea surface temperature  1 time
Salinity  1 time
Ribosomal RNA  1 time
Proton  1 time
Protein  1 time
Pacific Ocean  1 time
Oceanography  1 time
Nuclear magnetic resonance  1 time
Mexico  1 time
Mesoscale meteorology  1 time
Mediterranean Sea  1 time
Ludwig von Bertalanffy  1 time
Japan  1 time
Internal transcribed spacer  1 time
High-performance liquid chromatography  1 time
Glycine  1 time
Gene  1 time
Gas chromatography  1 time
Fat  1 time
Diarrhea  1 time
Common carp  1 time
Carboxylic acid  1 time
Calmodulin  1 time
Bottlenose dolphin  1 time
Adriatic Sea  1 time
Acid  1 time
Acetonitrile  1 time
18S ribosomal RNA  1 time

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