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Structural functionalism  2 times
Semantics  2 times
Regression analysis  2 times
Natural-language processing  2 times
Logic  2 times
XML  1 time
Unravel  1 time
University of Cambridge  1 time
Uncertainty principle  1 time
Type I and type II errors  1 time
String theory  1 time
Stimulus control  1 time
Springer Publishing  1 time
Rochester Red Wings  1 time
Program optimization  1 time
Principle of locality  1 time
Physics  1 time
Ontology  1 time
Neuroticism  1 time
Natural language  1 time
Logical consequence  1 time
Linguistics  1 time
Israel  1 time
International law  1 time
International  1 time
Interaction  1 time
Eye tracking  1 time
Edmund Husserl  1 time
Dutch language  1 time
Dependent and independent variables  1 time
Cambridge University Press  1 time
Bertrand Russell  1 time
Artificial neural network  1 time
Amsterdam  1 time
Algorithm  1 time
Adaptation (film)  1 time

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