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Philosophy of mathematics  3 times
Pragmatism  2 times
Physics  2 times
Logic  2 times
Uncertainty principle  1 time
The Samples  1 time
Soviet Union  1 time
Rivaroxaban  1 time
Prothrombin time  1 time
Partial thromboplastin time  1 time
Ontology  1 time
Mathematical optimization  1 time
Martin Heidegger  1 time
Logical consequence  1 time
Grammar  1 time
GEOM  1 time
Epistemology  1 time
Edmund Husserl  1 time
Drug Enforcement Administration  1 time
Deep vein thrombosis  1 time
Convenience sampling  1 time
Charles Darwin  1 time
Brazil  1 time
Blood plasma  1 time
Behaviorism  1 time
Atrial fibrillation  1 time
Anticoagulant  1 time

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