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Algorithm  10 times
NP-hardness  4 times
Metaheuristic  4 times
Genetic algorithm  3 times
Travelling salesman problem  2 times
Particle swarm optimization  2 times
Mathematical optimization  2 times
Heuristic (computer science)  2 times
Vehicle routing problem  1 time
Time  1 time
Tardiness  1 time
Simulated annealing  1 time
Quantum dot  1 time
Quantum computing  1 time
Quadratic programming  1 time
Protein primary structure  1 time
Protein folding  1 time
Motion planning  1 time
Main Source  1 time
Local search (optimization)  1 time
List of metaphor-based metaheuristics  1 time
Linear programming  1 time
Heuristic  1 time
Greedy algorithm  1 time
Google  1 time
Entropy  1 time
Combinatorial optimization  1 time
Classical mechanics  1 time
Central processing unit  1 time
Bioinformatics  1 time
Application programming interface  1 time
Ant colony optimization algorithms  1 time
Acid  1 time

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