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Syndrome  2 times
Skin grafting  2 times
Plexus  2 times
Medical ultrasound  2 times
Median nerve  2 times
Avulsion fracture  2 times
Vital capacity  1 time
Univariate  1 time
Type I and type II errors  1 time
Statistical power  1 time
Skin  1 time
Shortness of breath  1 time
Rhabdomyolysis  1 time
Portuguese language  1 time
Peripheral neuropathy  1 time
Outline of human anatomy  1 time
Odds ratio  1 time
Multivariate analysis  1 time
Motor cortex  1 time
Magnetic resonance imaging  1 time
Logistic regression  1 time
Likert scale  1 time
Idiopathy  1 time
Hypotension  1 time
Hypoesthesia  1 time
Humerus  1 time
Gestational age  1 time
Functional magnetic resonance imaging  1 time
Fluoroscopy  1 time
Clavicle  1 time
Chest radiograph  1 time
Cerebral cortex  1 time
Body mass index  1 time
Axilla  1 time
Apgar score  1 time
Anesthesia  1 time
American National Standards Institute  1 time

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