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Neutrino  5 times
Large Hadron Collider  4 times
Higgs boson  4 times
Standard Model  2 times
Spontaneous symmetry breaking  2 times
Quark  2 times
Lagrangian mechanics  2 times
LHCb experiment  2 times
Electronvolt  2 times
Dependent and independent variables  2 times
Dark matter  2 times
Trigonometric functions  1 time
Richard Feynman  1 time
Resonance  1 time
Renormalization group  1 time
Renormalization  1 time
Quantum chromodynamics  1 time
Physics  1 time
Phase transition  1 time
Numerical analysis  1 time
Neutron  1 time
Meson  1 time
Majorana fermion  1 time
Logarithm  1 time
Instanton  1 time
Gauge theory  1 time
Gauge boson  1 time
Gamma ray  1 time
Empirical research  1 time
Electroweak interaction  1 time
Dirac equation  1 time
Coset  1 time

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