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Theorem  3 times
Phase transition  2 times
Torus  1 time
Topology  1 time
Tensor product  1 time
Single-nucleotide polymorphism  1 time
Riemannian manifold  1 time
Representation theory  1 time
Quantum field theory  1 time
Path integral formulation  1 time
Ordinary differential equation  1 time
Mathematics  1 time
Mathematical optimization  1 time
Lie group  1 time
Laplace operator  1 time
Knot theory  1 time
Japan  1 time
International  1 time
Hilbert space  1 time
Euclidean space  1 time
Entropy  1 time
Combinatorics  1 time
Carl Friedrich Gauss  1 time
ArXiv  1 time
Adiabatic process  1 time

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