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Variational inequality  1 time
Triangle  1 time
Symplectic manifold  1 time
String theory  1 time
Simply connected space  1 time
Semigroup  1 time
Self-adjoint operator  1 time
Riemannian manifold  1 time
Reproducing kernel Hilbert space  1 time
Polynomial  1 time
Phase space  1 time
Paul Dirac  1 time
Orthogonal polynomials  1 time
Navier–Stokes equations  1 time
Manifold  1 time
Lp space  1 time
Laplace operator  1 time
Lagrange multiplier  1 time
Hilbert space  1 time
Geometry  1 time
Factorial  1 time
Equatorial Guinea  1 time
Derivative  1 time
Canonical quantization  1 time
Calculus of variations  1 time
Bootstrapping  1 time
Bergman space  1 time
Augustin-Louis Cauchy  1 time
Attractor  1 time

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