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Oppositional defiant disorder  5 times
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder  5 times
Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders  3 times
South Korea  2 times
Psychopathy  2 times
Psychopathology  2 times
Logistic regression  2 times
Functional magnetic resonance imaging  2 times
Working memory  1 time
White people  1 time
Voxel-based morphometry  1 time
Uganda  1 time
Test cricket  1 time
Superior temporal gyrus  1 time
Subtyping  1 time
Social cognition  1 time
Psychiatry  1 time
Phenotype  1 time
Orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing  1 time
Neurology  1 time
Neural oscillation  1 time
Narcissism  1 time
Mental disorder  1 time
Magnetic resonance imaging  1 time
Linear regression  1 time
Intelligence quotient  1 time
Hispanic and Latino Americans  1 time
Hippocampus  1 time
Gyrus  1 time
Florida  1 time
Externalizing disorders  1 time
Epilepsy  1 time
Emergency department  1 time
Cyprus  1 time
Cingulate cortex  1 time
Cerebellum  1 time
Black people  1 time
Autism spectrum  1 time
Amygdala  1 time

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