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Riemannian manifold  3 times
Algorithm  3 times
Welding  1 time
Voxel  1 time
Unit sphere  1 time
Theorem  1 time
Tetrahedron  1 time
Springer Publishing  1 time
Sea surface temperature  1 time
Scalar curvature  1 time
Ricci curvature  1 time
Resonance  1 time
Nonlinear dimensionality reduction  1 time
New York City  1 time
Microwave  1 time
Mathematical optimization  1 time
Local convergence  1 time
Large Hadron Collider  1 time
Laplace operator  1 time
Jacobian matrix and determinant  1 time
Homotopy  1 time
Holomorphic function  1 time
Harmonic function  1 time
Gradient descent  1 time
Eigenvalues and eigenvectors  1 time
Conformal geometry  1 time
Classical mechanics  1 time
Canadian dollar  1 time
Augustin-Louis Cauchy  1 time
Asymptotic expansion  1 time

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