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Monodromy  3 times
Axion  3 times
Tensor  2 times
String theory  2 times
Scalar field  2 times
Quantum field theory  2 times
Dark matter  2 times
Cosmological constant  2 times
Albert Einstein  2 times
Wave function  1 time
Vacuum energy  1 time
Scalar potential  1 time
Quark  1 time
Quantum chromodynamics  1 time
Probability distribution  1 time
Neutrino  1 time
Manifold  1 time
Local field potential  1 time
Lewis Hamilton  1 time
Lepton  1 time
Lagrangian mechanics  1 time
Higgs mechanism  1 time
Higgs boson  1 time
Geometry  1 time
Gauge boson  1 time
Empirical research  1 time
Differential geometry  1 time
Dependent and independent variables  1 time
Compact space  1 time
Calabi–Yau manifold  1 time
Boundary value problem  1 time

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