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Item response theory  9 times
Factor analysis  5 times
Differential item functioning  3 times
Thermography  2 times
Descriptive statistics  2 times
Classical mechanics  2 times
Ultrasound  1 time
Thermoregulation  1 time
Thermal decomposition  1 time
The Animals  1 time
Test cricket  1 time
Spain  1 time
Solar irradiance  1 time
Shared decision-making in medicine  1 time
Root mean square  1 time
Patient-reported outcome  1 time
Parenchyma  1 time
Ontogeny  1 time
Ontario  1 time
Nutrient  1 time
Nonparametric statistics  1 time
Nature reserve  1 time
Multiple sclerosis  1 time
Microsoft Excel  1 time
Latent variable  1 time
John Tukey  1 time
Infrared  1 time
Hong Kong  1 time
Expanded Disability Status Scale  1 time
Dutch language  1 time
Discriminant validity  1 time
Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders  1 time
Construct validity  1 time
Computer mouse  1 time
CompactFlash  1 time
Canada  1 time
Autocorrelation  1 time
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder  1 time
Artificial insemination  1 time
Analysis of variance  1 time

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