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Model checking  4 times
Philosophy of mathematics  2 times
Association for Computing Machinery  2 times
Unified Modeling Language  1 time
Revised Version  1 time
Program optimization  1 time
Personal digital assistant  1 time
Norwegian language  1 time
Network topology  1 time
Metaphysics  1 time
Machine tool  1 time
MEDLINE  1 time
Logic gate  1 time
International  1 time
Integrated development environment  1 time
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers  1 time
Health technology assessment  1 time
Graph theory  1 time
Epistemology  1 time
Emergency department  1 time
Embase  1 time
Dialysis  1 time
Computer-aided design  1 time
Cochrane Library  1 time
Catheter  1 time
Caesarean section  1 time
Automation  1 time
Antibiotics  1 time
Ad hoc On-Demand Distance Vector Routing  1 time

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