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Classical mechanics  4 times
Theorem  2 times
Hypergeometric function  2 times
Trigonometric functions  1 time
Symmetric group  1 time
Supersymmetry  1 time
Signal-to-noise ratio  1 time
Saddle point  1 time
Richard Dedekind  1 time
Recurrence relation  1 time
Radar  1 time
Quantum mechanics  1 time
Quantum field theory  1 time
Phase transition  1 time
Locality of reference  1 time
Jordan  1 time
Hydronium  1 time
Holomorphic function  1 time
Hardness of approximation  1 time
Functional equation  1 time
Fourier transform  1 time
Finite difference  1 time
Equatorial Guinea  1 time
Entropy  1 time
Elliptic curve  1 time
Data compression  1 time
CompactFlash  1 time
Carrier frequency  1 time
Asymptotic expansion  1 time
Amorphous solid  1 time
Algorithm  1 time
Algebraic geometry  1 time

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