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Integral transform  5 times
Augustin-Louis Cauchy  3 times
Volterra series  2 times
Laplace transform  2 times
Classical mechanics  2 times
Chebyshev polynomials  2 times
Carl Friedrich Gauss  2 times
Banach space  2 times
Young's modulus  1 time
Wavelet  1 time
Theorem  1 time
Shear modulus  1 time
Rock music  1 time
Power series  1 time
Polynomial  1 time
Piezoelectricity  1 time
Numerical integration  1 time
Nickel  1 time
Magnetic field  1 time
Linear independence  1 time
Laplace operator  1 time
Homotopy analysis method  1 time
Holomorphic function  1 time
Heat transfer coefficient  1 time
Hardy space  1 time
Half-space (geometry)  1 time
Geometry  1 time
Galerkin method  1 time
Functionally graded material  1 time
Fractional calculus  1 time
Fourier transform  1 time
Electromagnetic field  1 time
Electrical impedance  1 time
Dirichlet problem  1 time
Dielectric  1 time
Australian dollar  1 time

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