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Banach space  3 times
Richard Dedekind  2 times
Unit disk  1 time
Thermodynamic free energy  1 time
Theorem  1 time
SpaceX  1 time
Self-adjoint operator  1 time
Random matrix  1 time
Positive-definite matrix  1 time
Polynomial  1 time
Locally compact space  1 time
Kullback–Leibler divergence  1 time
Infimum and supremum  1 time
Homomorphism  1 time
Hausdorff space  1 time
Hardy space  1 time
Finite element method  1 time
Entropy  1 time
Eigenvalues and eigenvectors  1 time
Convolution  1 time
Classical mechanics  1 time
Cardinality  1 time
Bijection  1 time
Automorphism  1 time
Algebraic geometry  1 time
Adiabatic theorem  1 time

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