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Spectroscopy  3 times
Monte Carlo method  3 times
Magnetic field  3 times
Hysteresis  3 times
Ferromagnetism  3 times
Phase transition  2 times
Luminescence  2 times
Ising model  2 times
Hamiltonian mechanics  2 times
Electronvolt  2 times
Antiferromagnetism  2 times
Zinc sulfide  1 time
Valence and conduction bands  1 time
The Samples  1 time
Tetragonal crystal system  1 time
Terahertz radiation  1 time
Superparamagnetism  1 time
Remanence  1 time
Plateau  1 time
Perturbation theory  1 time
Nanoparticle  1 time
Mullite  1 time
Magnetic anisotropy  1 time
Ligand  1 time
Graphene  1 time
Fish measurement  1 time
Electric field  1 time
Dopant  1 time
Compact Cassette  1 time
Angular momentum  1 time

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