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Similarity search  2 times
Image retrieval  2 times
Grey  2 times
Algorithm  2 times
Thermodynamic free energy  1 time
Surface tension  1 time
Raw image format  1 time
Random forest  1 time
Principal component analysis  1 time
Permutation  1 time
Microsoft Windows  1 time
Markov chain  1 time
Java virtual machine  1 time
Intuitionistic logic  1 time
Harmonic analysis  1 time
Genome  1 time
Gastrointestinal tract  1 time
Fuzzy set  1 time
Fingerprint  1 time
Euclidean distance  1 time
Dimensionality reduction  1 time
Deep learning  1 time
Data compression  1 time
Convolution  1 time
CT scan  1 time
CRISPR  1 time
Biopsy  1 time
Biometrics  1 time
Bioinformatics  1 time

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