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Factor analysis  9 times
Mindfulness  2 times
Confirmatory factor analysis  2 times
Zygosity  1 time
World Health Organization  1 time
Turkish language  1 time
Structural equation modeling  1 time
Stanford University  1 time
Sri Lanka  1 time
Singapore  1 time
Phenotype  1 time
Norwegian language  1 time
Monte Carlo method  1 time
Metacognition  1 time
Mathematics  1 time
Latent variable  1 time
Item response theory  1 time
Intensive care unit  1 time
Heritability  1 time
Florida  1 time
Fibromyalgia  1 time
Factorial experiment  1 time
FM broadcasting  1 time
Exploratory factor analysis  1 time
Ecuador  1 time
Dutch language  1 time
Data structure  1 time
Classical mechanics  1 time
Chile  1 time

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