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Soliton  5 times
Ion  2 times
Group velocity  2 times
Classical mechanics  2 times
Amplitude modulation  2 times
Uncertainty principle  1 time
Self-organization  1 time
Rossby wave  1 time
Protein  1 time
Positron  1 time
Polynomial  1 time
Phonon  1 time
Numerical analysis  1 time
Mathematics  1 time
Management system  1 time
Magnetosphere  1 time
Ionosphere  1 time
Inverse problem  1 time
Fluid dynamics  1 time
Ferromagnetism  1 time
Eigenvalues and eigenvectors  1 time
Diffraction  1 time
Diederik Korteweg  1 time
Cell membrane  1 time
Capacitor  1 time
Blood plasma  1 time

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