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Microwave  3 times
Radar  2 times
Algorithm  2 times
Telemedicine  1 time
Support vector machine  1 time
Signal processing  1 time
Routing protocol  1 time
Return loss  1 time
Resistor  1 time
Reflection coefficient  1 time
Radiometry  1 time
Quadrature amplitude modulation  1 time
Phase-shift keying  1 time
Pattern recognition  1 time
Optical amplifier  1 time
Media access control  1 time
Mathematical optimization  1 time
MATLAB  1 time
Inductor  1 time
Graphene  1 time
Geometry  1 time
End-to-end delay  1 time
Electrical impedance  1 time
CMOS  1 time
Bipolar junction transistor  1 time

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