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Polynomial  4 times
Theorem  2 times
Euclidean space  2 times
Statistical physics  1 time
Reproducing kernel Hilbert space  1 time
Potential energy surface  1 time
Nilpotent  1 time
Mathematics  1 time
Lagrangian mechanics  1 time
Holomorphic function  1 time
Harmonic analysis  1 time
Graph of a function  1 time
Functional equation  1 time
Fractal  1 time
Finite field  1 time
Entropy  1 time
Conservation law  1 time
Complex number  1 time
Compact space  1 time
Cohomology  1 time
Classical mechanics  1 time
Carl Friedrich Gauss  1 time
Augustin-Louis Cauchy  1 time
Algorithm  1 time
Algebraic geometry  1 time

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